Terms of Service

This website runs on shared hosting and we cannot guarantee 100% uptime. We make regular backups and harden security as best we can. No personal information about you is stored on this site and any purchase you make is done through PayPal’s secure checkout page.

You do not need to, and cannot, register for the site. Everything is handled through a guest checkout process. The site sets session cookies and if you want to avoid these being stored, you can use your browser in incognito mode.

When you make a purchase, your email address and name are sent to us by PayPal and our autoresponder. These details are not stored on this site. In the event the site is hacked, there is no information about you or your transactions that can be found.

Your email address is not stored on this site and we will never use it for any reason other than contacting you. It is never revealed to a third party.

Each product we sell has its own legal pages, which are long and contain a lot of probably useless information. While you should probably read that information, it is not a necessity. Your purchase comes with your license file, which explains what you can and cannot do with the package.

We are notified every time a package is downloaded. Any attempt to access a package without paying for it will be picked up by us. If this happens too often, we will be forced to either password protect or limit a download window for purchases. That will cause you inconvenience and we hope that doesn’t become necessary.

We offer this website as a service for you to purchase guides, videos and courses on aspects of cryptocurrency. We are not experts in this field and the products are for your benefit, not ours. While we may post articles, they will be from a third party source and not our opinion or advice.